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Enemuoh Jesse learning coding at the Toolz Academy Summer Coding Programme
Coding as a bragging tool after summer learning

Jesse Enemuoh has always believed he would have a life in software because of a great love for games. After three days at the Toolz Academy Summer Coding Programme, the 13-year-old already has his boastful leverage when school resumes in September. “The first day, our instructor [Mike Umoren] gave us a batch of codes and […]

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Children need a lot of guidance on the Internet
Parental Guide For Child Safety On Social Media

In Nigeria, the fear of kidnappers is real, with Lagos declaring the summer school closed on account of the safety of children in the state. But aside these physical Marauders – parents must also be worried about their child’s safety online where they are spending a lot of their time. With features like “Snap Map” […]

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Email and Newsletters have a better conversion rate than even Social Media
Newsletters & their unbelievable power [What they will do for you]

There are so many Internet posts to consume – from blogs, video, newsletters, etc. – and they are coming at us from all directions very quickly. The most astute thing to do would be to pause as these content pieces get published and sent to us at amazing speeds. One of the major content distribution […]

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