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In the words of my father, “it’s either you are pursuing something or something is pursuing you.” This is one of the many wise nuggets I am grateful my old man, a typical African parent, enshrined in my psyche from a tender age. This probably accounts for my affinity for the tracks, and my appetite […]

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Internet of Teens

Internet Of Teens  Do you remember what it was like before mobile phones, tablets, iPads and even computers became mainstream? Back in the day, most 90s kids could relate to parents being extremely uptight when it came to the use of computers & the internet at home. Heck, it was a very scary process to […]

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Facebook facing a real teenager challenge

Facebook seems to be fossilizing even with frequent expensive new additions to the social networking platforms – but should Mark Zuckerberg be worried about the fact that Facebook teenagers are finding the platform boring as they continually look for excitement? An estimated research carried out by eMarketer revealed that teenagers are leaving Facebook in droves […]

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