Obtain a Certificate in Social Media Marketing

Learn how to reach and build relationships with your target audience across Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Get to grips with the tactics needed to create, run and measure a customer-centric social media strategy.

By taking this course you learn:

  • To effectively engage with clients and prospects across different social media platforms. While also learning to understand that different social media communication styles may apply for differen.t targets audience and be able to execute them appropriately.
  • The current emerging trends and innovations in the social media landscape
  • The various opportunities provided to convert the ‘always connected’ social prospects into customers.
  • The ability to understand the suitability of different social platforms for businesses’ aims and objectives.

Participants also get to learn:

  • How social media platforms can be used to effectively expand the customer reach of businesses, drive revenue growth and massively increase brand awareness.
  • Build up the skills necessary to implement the full range of social media platforms and tools to nurture and sustain rewarding relationships with customers.
  • And finally, learn and understand how to measure and optimize social media campaigns and recognize the various relevant privacy laws in this area

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Course Duration

2 days

September 15 – 16, 2017

9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily

Course Fee

₦60,000.00 ₦40,000.00