As you may know, about 65% of marketing and media job roles are expected to change in the next 5 years and yet approximately 80% of advertising and media executives are struggling to reinvent themselves in the digital marketing space, while clients and agencies need to hire more digital talents to excel in today’s competitive digital driven economy.

Participants will also have practical digital diagnostic test to benchmark their current skills with global industry standards and to determine their individual digital skills level. Thereafter custom training solutions may be proffered for the Agency or individual if need be.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass is a FREE annual event dedicated and tailored for Marketers, Sales Pros, PR Experts, Media and Advertising Executives to understand digital marketing landscape, digital strategy, content marketing, digital tools and deliverables among others.

The annual event is part of our commitment to a digital Nigeria and contribution to the IMC industry. Start your digital marketing and sales journey here.


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