Are you still struggling to reinvent itself in today’s fast driven digital marketing space? Approximately 80% of marketing executives are still struggling to reinvent themselves in Nigeria’s digital marketing space.

As a Founder or a Co-founder, running or planning to kick start a startup, the Digital Masterclass offers you a free opportunity to increase your digital revenue, marketing techniques needed to succeed in the startup ecosystem today.

To help you reinvent yourself and reposition your startup, we have developed exclusive practical modules to keep you at a competitive advantage, understand digital strategy, maximize ROI, better engage with today’s consumers and acquire new clients.

You would be forgiven for some confusion over today’s marketing roles (Vision Executive anyone?), never mind those coming down the line tomorrow. The dream marketing team of the future needs a collection of individuals with niche skills. So, what are the skills that businesses can’t afford to be without?

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The Startup Digital Masterclass is a 6-hour insightful session on Thursday May 18, 2017 exclusively for startups Founders or a Co-founders to understand digital marketing tools, digital marketing dynamics, social media ROI and agency deliverables among other things.